Peace of Mind While You Are Away


Who is there to advocate for you when you are away from home? Home watch is a highly valued service that will provide assurance and protection of your home through regular on-site inspections.

A vacant home is vulnerable to damage, failed electrical systems or appliances, pest intrusion, or home invasions. TLS Lifestyle Concierge & Home Watch will provide peace of mind. We are available to respond to emergencies at any time of day or night. We are experienced and trained to spot issues and deal with them in the most efficient and effective way. 



"Home watch is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues."

We use a customized, detailed checklist for both the interior and exterior of your property. Our home watch staff completes a detailed report during each visit. If a problem arises, we have the resources and knowledge to quickly solve the problem according to your preferences. 

I look forward to reviewing your specific needs and putting together a personalized plan for your property and your peace of mind.



TLS Lifestyle Concierge is here to provide all of our clients an unsurpassed range of concierge and luxury lifestyle management solutions. This specific service is designed to enhance your life, while managing your time and resources effectively. We will make arrangements for: pre-arrival and post departure services, stocking the fridge, arranging housecleaning, or meeting deliveries. Curious to find out how you can book this service or any of our other outstanding services? Get in touch with us today.